Well this is new…

by Chris Page on 29/01/2011

Well hello there. Welcome to the very first post on my blog. I should probably introduce myself. My name is Chris Page. I am currently studying digital media at Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology. As well as my studies I am currently involved in a video production team working with websites to produce video content as well as our own projects.┬áThis blog is intended to be a showcase of works that I have been involved in. Either as part of a production team or works that I have produced independently.

Basically this site is mainly devoted to blatant self promotion. It is a fact that if I want to pursue a career in the creative industries that having an easily accessible showcase of my work will prove to be extremely beneficial.

Aside from the whole self promotion aspect I hope that this blog may prove a valuable resource to people with the same interests as me. From this post onwards I plan to share with you some video productions which I, along with my team have recently completed as well as writing about the process that was undertaken to get the finished product. I also hope to share with you any of my own findings as I enter the world of media productions.


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