Why $500 worth of RAM from RamCity.com.au would be ace

by Chris Page on 11/05/2011

Ever since I replaced my trusty iMac with a Quad Core Mac Pro I’ve been thinking one thing, “needs more RAM”. This computer has been great so far but its going to need a few upgrades to really get it purring along nicely. The 4GB of ram that is currently installed in the computer handles my every day emails and web browsing well enough, but the moment I open up Final Cut Pro and some Adobe Creative Suite applications thats when the slow down really starts. So please RamCity – please grace me with 16GB of glorious DDR3 RAM modules so I can get back to creating awesome multimedia without having to seriously limit the amount of applications I use.

This kit in particular would do nicely, just say’n.


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  1. 12/05/2011Rod says:

    Congrats Chris – you are now in the running for our $500 memory giveaway. Good luck!