Big in Japan

by Chris Page on 24/02/2011

2010 Kirin Big In Japan curated by ksubi – Melbourne from mecho | the style black book on Vimeo.

Big in Japan was an event put on by ksubi and features Japanese artists and performers. The video team was sent out to cover the event. My role in this video was to edit and do all post production work. As this was a major event the website required the video to have a short tern around time as it needed to be published online as soon as possible in order to still be relevant. As soon as I received the footage I started work on a rough cut. This took an evening to do as I watched all of the footage and contemplated the structure of the video. The final cut was then worked on the following afternoon with myself and producer Nghi Huynh deciding on the cut. So far this edit is the edit that I am most proud of.

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