I’m Baaack

by Chris Page on 12/06/2011

Wow, has this blog been neglected or what. I really do apologise internet, the last semester of uni made life incredibly hectic and as a result this blog kind of fell by the wayside. But never fear, as of last Friday, the semester, as well as all of its exams has finished – leaving me free to focus my attention on what I like doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do really enjoy my uni work. This last semester has been great as it has introduced me to 3D modelling in 3Ds Max and motion graphics using After Effects. Both of these skills I’m sure will prove incredibly useful in the real world.

As well as studying I did still manage to knock out another video for www.mecho.com.au. This was coverage on the ManStyle exhibition held at the National Gallery of Victoria. Have a gander!

Q&A Paola Di Trocchio | Assistant Curator from mecho | the style black book on Vimeo.


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