Frankston TV: Natured Kids

by Chris Page on 12/06/2011

Here is a small editing job that I took on for the Natured Kids playgroup. They are an organisation that promotes children going outside and experiencing the natural world through play and fun activities. The client had some raw footage shot on a consumer DV camera and I feel we were able to turn it into a nice neat little video promoting both Natured Kids and the city of Frankston as a whole.

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  1. 18/07/2011Narelle Debenham says:

    Hey Chris, thanks for putting the footage together for us. Here is a great article about the importance of children taking measured risks in their environment as they ‘play’ while growing up. It explains that without taking risks, how do we develop the notion of what is ‘safe’ ? Some thought provoking reading for you…just follow the link. Thanks again. Kind regards from Narelle Debenham

    Malone, Karen, 2007, The bubble-wrap generation: children growing up in walled gardens, Environmental Education Research, 13(4), 513-527.